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Our company, Metzler Organ Builders Ltd., stands for the continuation of the centuries old tradition of organ building, and strives to meet the high demands of the present and the future. We consider it our responsibility to respect and strike a balance between the interests of church music, concert performance, architecture and organ building, whilst not forgetting the teachings of the past.

For four generations the Metzler family have dealt intensively with historical organ building. For decades our 20 or so employees have possessed the valuable expertise necessary to produce every organ part ourselves. Traditional choices of materials, precise craftsmanship and solid construction lend Metzler organs an extraordinarily high operational reliability, individuality and retention of value.

Our highest aim is, however, thanks to our individual tonal style, to build instruments which inspire organists in their music-making and reach the hearts of the listener, whether in sublime, devout or joyful moments.

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